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1.) ALL Readings now have a 50% Deposit prior to Services rendered. I am Sick of No Show's, Late Shows, those not letting me get my job done - NO Exceptions!

2.) No Readings "On Demand." I will Not tolerate it, nor will Spirit. 

3.) Standard Release Forms will now apply to ALL Readings - NO Exceptions!

4.) Readings are Not 100% Guaranteed to be for those I am sitting with. 

It may be for someone connected with those sitting for a Reading.

5.) I Do Not Ever guarantee for my work to be 100% effective for Healings.

I am Not a Licensed Medical Professional.

I only know that whatever I do works, and it works well.


6.) Late or No Shows will be charged for one full hour. NO Exceptions!

7.) No more Free Give Away time. Samples are now eliminated.

8.) Clients are expected to show up ON TIME, ready to sit, or Do Not bother coming.

9.) Covid and Coronavirus is now no longer acknowledged by this Business.

10.) NO FedNow Payments!

I believe in the Privacy of my Clients and the financial Privacy of their Transactions with me and my Business.

Any attempt at FedNow Payments will be reversed and rejected.

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