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Let It Be Known

Whomever is out there that is trying to stop me; you might slow me down, but stopping will Never be an option.

Success is my own and on MY terms - NOT yours!

What I do is strictly on ME!

I fund Everything myself!

You think the financial roadblocks and barricades are enough to stop me?!


Not a chance!

I already busted clean through those!

I already have the Credit Card issue thrown in front of me solved too.

That was just piddly bullshit.

By July 1, I aim on having what I need to have done completed!

I already have my Business budget worked out and what I need to charge for my services as a Business is already right where I need it to be.

Trying to Stop me will have to be a far larger and more physical effort than the piddly bullshit that I suspect is connected!

And yes; killing me physically will be the ONLY option left to stop me!

Yeah, and that Book I am writing?!

A Massive Bombshell right in the middle of Historical Research!

That is among many projects I am wrapping up and tying loose ends on.

This is the year I aim on wrapping things up on and saying Good Bye to the past, kicking open the door to new things; but I know: that would upend Everything that anyone wants to stop me from doing.

Too bad!

Get over it!

2024 is going to be an interesting year!

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