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Magnetic Sign Stolen

To the Bitch that Stole my Magnetic Business Door Sign, thinking that you are going to punish my family and I for what happened at AIR Gas Station: the Only one you Punished, was ME!

That Sign will cost me $39.00 to replace and you Stole more than that.

You Stole Clients and Business from ME, you Stole Income from ME, you Stole dignity and pride in my work from ME!

DO NOT think that you are going to try anything against my family and I!

I have plans to retaliate!

I have been through 20 years of being Stalked, Harassed, Threatened, and Abused.

I have your description and vehicle color and style.

Since I have Cajones and you don't (coward), I will give you my address so that you can return that sign to me.

See, I made and created that sign myself!

That is MY work!

I work really hard at what I do!

I cannot afford to keep replacing this stuff!

But since you are a fool, and I am not, here is where to return it:

Melissa Bryan

63709 Crumpton St Space 29

Happy Camp, CA 63709

Oh, and let me let you in on something you should know: you fucked with the WRONG Bitch!

See, the next time you see me, I will have a Dash Cam on my Truck and my family is the most prominent in this County, among a slew of other prominent Historical Names.

I plan to also upset your little game by making my Truck a total distraction!

In faces and down throats is MY way, when someone like you pisses me off and crosses me wrong!

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