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Old Fashioned Service

I have been watching as Tech advances into scary territory.

Well, you won't find that with what I do.

No cold calling, Email lists, newsletters, pushy sales tactics.

None of the "Big Tech" stuff.

Just clear pricing, no hype or gimmicks.

I make it simple to find me and my services.

My Website is clearly laid out and defined.

My prices are clear, nothing hidden. straight forward services, products, and pricing.

Granted, most of those in my industry are far bigger Names than I am, so they charge a lot more.

I do however, also clearly define my packaging, message, and design.

What I do and how I do it, honors my Ancestors, and gives my Clients the best of me and my Ability.

Fear and Confusion do not even enter the equation.

My cost point allows me to be able to pay my bills and provide for my family.

Personally, I make nothing.

I put ALL of me; heart, mind, body, and Soul into my work.

My Clients become my family, as I care deeply for each one that I serve.

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