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Wow! The Lies continue

Well, well, well...

It seems that the whole thing for “Billypalooza” at Lincoln, NM next year, may well be a giant pipe dream Scam.

I contacted both the Chamber of Commerce and the Lincoln, NM Historic Site, neither one has ever heard of who is supposed to be putting it on, nor of the Event itself.

They were supposed to have been contacted by the Event Producer before it is put on.


The plot thickens!

I had called to get Registration Info, only to find out, nobody there had any knowledge of it.

Thankfully for me, if I wanted to put on an Event in NM (which I don’t), I do maintain connections with the proper offices to obtain Licenses and Permits.

1.) NM State PD for road closure Permits.

2.) NM DOT.

3.) State Historical Society for Permits to use Historic Items.

4.) NM Dept. of Cultural Affairs.

5.) State Historic Site, for Permits to use a particular town or location.

6.) Local Chamber of Commerce for Local Event Promotion.

7.) County Offices for Licensing the Event Name and surrounding Events connected.

8.) Next Insurance for Event Insurance.

Permits, Permits, Permits!

Licenses too!

I CANNOT stress this enough!

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