Public Enemy #1

This is the Log Document File detailing everything we went through for 18 years.


This is the one behind most of my family's troubles.

This is a List of all associated Names that participated in the crimes against my family and I:

Ring Leader: Doug Allen

Lisa Steinmetz

Mel Hubner

Sam Archer

Cheri Webster

Jared Edens

Mark Cabot

Kathy White Griffin

Jason Navarette

Lily Dotson

Turtle Mann

Justin Richards

Mike Cardenas

Trent Clarno

Michael Speers

Elbert Garcia

John Hansen

Morgana LaFey

Evan Jensen

Karen Pedroza

Jason Zimmerman

Shane Patterson

Jason Livesey

Dave Langa

Cierra Frye

Carolyn Haston

Betty Meyer

Judith Little

Judith Cowden

Judi Giramonti

Ron Hilton

James Brazzell

Crystal Conners

Jeff Conners

Marcelle Brothers

Michele Arcand

Michele Markowitz

Stephen Weidner

Rick Rowe