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The Outlaw Life Story

I started Business at Roseburg, OR, just shortly after arriving there, and bouncing from one motel room to another.

It was around Halloween of 2018. 

We had fled NM and after a very serious auto wreck.

We had been run out of the home that we Legally Owned, and zero Legal Recourse, except to sell what we could, pack what we could not, and run for our lives.

It all became too dangerous to stay there.

In the process, we lost 90% of all that we owned and held dear.

Oregon was a rough start, but eventually, Business took off.

I almost had my Business to the break even point, when the Scamdemic hit, and we were once again forced to run for our lives.

Once again, losing more of our lives.

My family and I fled for CA, residing for a short time in Montague, CA, and refounding my Business efforts February 2, 2019.

Yet again, fate had another run in store for us.

I was back down on my ass, 

My family and I  fled to where we are now, at Happy Camp, CA, with just 8% of all that we held dear.

We have resided here quietly for over one year.

I completely refounded December 27, 2021; adding Golden West Paranormal to my now fledgling  Business. 

I have been in Business now for all of just over 4 years.

I am now kicking down doors that refuse to open to me, not willing to be held back anymore.

I named this Business for my Old West Ancestors, who are my rock and my foundation, who back me to this day.


Hell Yes!

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