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The Outlaw Psychic Difference

I am a stay at home, independent Psychic Medium.

I have almost 44 years in the Psychic field.

I am born of Shaman/Druid/Wicca/Gypsy Lineage, through all my lines.

I am the sole Owner/CEO/COO of this Business.

I am the one, only and original "Outlaw Psychic,"

The big difference between me and everyone else, is that I am fast and accurate, at about 90%.

I have made it my Business to "hit my Target" (almost) every single time.

More often than not, I am validated in my information.

My precision makes me who and what I am.

I don't chase clients. 

I stick to Truth and brutal honesty.

Everything I get from Spirit, I say it straight.

I also descend from the Native People and Outlaws of the Old West, most who were Psychic in their own right.

I cherish my Lineage, whose Boots I now occupy.

When you ride with me, you become a part of me.

I won't abandon my Clients

I am the Author of "Born Into Shamanism," (Kindle/Amazon).

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